Terms of Service

Guidelines for hosting service.

Acceptable Use for hosted content

Our servers are hosted in locations under US jurisdiction, so US laws of what is legally allowed apply. Any and all content hosted here must comply with US laws. Your use of our resources may also not exceed your package limit. Examples of content not allowed include (but are not limited to):


Teacake Hosting provides server space for clients to host their websites. As outlined throughout this website, the aim is to offer a place for people who enjoy making sites as a hobby, not for professional, business, or otherwise profit-oriented sites. The services include storage space for websites, but not domain registration or renewal.

Services also include support related to the everyday operation of your hosted sites, through email, support tickets, Twitter, or our community forums.

An account to access your client area and control panel is provided as a part of our services, with the understanding that unforeseeable circumstances outside of our control can bring them offline. We do strive to provide as reliable of a service as possible, and encourage clients to get in contact with us should any service go down, for example through an outside contacting service like our Twitter.

If you exceed the resources in your package, your account may be suspended or otherwise unavailable until your limit is reset the next cycle. Additionally, while we provide backups through your control panel, it is your responsibility to make sure you have your own backups of important data.


We do not encourage or support sharing accounts with others. If an account is shared with someone other than the account holder, support for any issues that may arise may not be covered under our Terms of Service. Please use discretion for your account security and safety.

Contact Information

As our client, you are responsible for providing accurate contact information when setting up your account, so we can properly contact you with regard to your account. A working email is required to ensure we can get in contact with you outside of our provided client area and community. We would have no responsibility or liability if, due to your failure to provide a working email, there is an interruption of service.

Term, Termination, and Cancellation

The Teacake Hosting Terms of Service take effect once your account has been made and payment has been received, and continue until the end of your payment term, after which this repeats for every successive, renewed term.

Either you or Teacake Hosting can terminate the service through written notice no later than 25 days from the next payment cycle term. Teacake Hosting reserves the right to terminate the service, and either suspend or cancel the service if you violate the Terms of Service or fail to pay any amounts due. Our right of termination is unrelated and separate from any other rights, and you are not entitled to any special notice of our termination.

Once terminated, your account will be closed, and any communication facilitated through our servers (e.g. email accounts made through your hosting package) will not be forwarded, nor will it be our responsibility to do so.

You may also cancel this agreement with us at any time with written notice to us, with the time and term stipulation above. This is done through the cancellation form in your client area. If you wish to cancel with a great amount of your hosting term still active, please contact us through a ticket to work out the payment obligation.


Your payment invoice will be generated 10 days before its actual due date. Your due date is the date when you originally signed up for your plan. If you fail to pay within 10 days from the due date, your account will be suspended until you do pay, with the possibility of a late fee if it is significantly late (over 20 days).


By signing up for Teacake Hosting, you agree to indemnify and not hold us legally responsible for any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, and related expenses. This agreement holds after termination of service. We would also indemnify you from any legal actions by us with relation to your service. We are also not responsible for any illegal operations you could be prosecuted for related to your service with us. If contacted by an outside source notifying us of any illegal actions on your part, we would then terminate your service with us.