About Us

Some background on Teacake Hosting.

Foundation site history

Teacake.org was registered by me, Yuuka, on Feb 24th, 2017 after it was suggested to me by a friend. I thought it was a cute name, especially as I'm pretty enthusiastic about tea and desserts. I had toyed with the idea of running a small hosting service in the past, but never took the plunge until now. When I registered teacake.org, I thought it would be a really cute domain to host people on, even if the hosting service itself wasn't located on the domain. After I decided I shouldn't register another domain for this, it seemed pretty natural to settle on using teacake.org for the service.

I got started in making websites as a child through various free hosting services (like geocities and angelfire), before discovering people owned domains and explored that field. I got my foothold by applying for free subdomain hosting through people with their custom domains, before finally buying my own domain and shared hosting from a company. Through the years, I've dealt with a variety of unreliable or disappearing hosts, and all the frustrations that come with dealing with those. Nowadays, there are so many different hosting companies that it's hard to decide which to go with. Some cheap hosting services are a great bargain, but end up being what you paid for, while others with more reliable services also cost more than most of us in this hobby are willing to pay.

To mediate this dilemma, I decided to purchase a more costly package, but split it into smaller, more afforable bits. My goal with Teacake Hosting isn't to make a profit, but to sell enough accounts to make a portion of the costs. Ideally, I'd break even, but I don't realistically expect it.

Using my past experiences and knowledge on how hosting works, I hope to provide a good hosting service for people who also enjoy expressing themselves creatively through making sites.


The "us" used on various pages refers to me and Teacake Hosting itself, as well as anyone I may recruit to help me down the line. Services are provided as is, and if you're operating anything that takes commercial value or need some sort of liability clause, please consider purchasing from a commercial provider. Contact us through your preferred method linked in the footer if you have any questions, and read the Terms of Service for hosting rules.